Tacoma 2nd Row Delete Drawer Options

Drawers are designed to bolt directly to the second row delete plates and are available in 8โ€ and 10โ€ heights. Also available in Gray, Black and now White Panels ๐Ÿ˜‰

Drivers side drawers measure 19-3/16โ€ wide x 21โ€ deep by 8 or 10โ€ high. Passengers side drawers measure 19-3/16โ€ wide x 32โ€ deep x 8 or 10โ€ high.

All Tacoma 2nd row delete drawers come with a top plate that integrates into the rear wall panel and include a storage compartment between the drawer and the rear cab wall, except on the passengers side if you are keeping the factory subwoofer in place. We have a factory subwoofer base plate option for that.

The drawer top plates also have a removable hatch to access the base plate hatch under the drawer to gain access to the factory storage under the seat.ย 

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