Tacoma 2nd Row Delete Drawer Options

Drawers are designed to bolt directly to the second row delete plates and are available in 8” and 10” heights. Also available in Gray, Black and now White Panels 😉

Drivers side drawers measure 19-3/16” wide x 21” deep by 8 or 10” high. Passengers side drawers measure 19-3/16” wide x 32” deep x 8 or 10” high.

All Tacoma 2nd row delete drawers come with a top plate that integrates into the rear wall panel and include a storage compartment between the drawer and the rear cab wall, except on the passengers side if you are keeping the factory subwoofer in place. We have a factory subwoofer base plate option for that.

The drawer top plates also have a removable hatch to access the base plate hatch under the drawer to gain access to the factory storage under the seat. 

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