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German Engineering meets American Off-Road Muscle



German Engineering meets American Off-Road Muscle

[Westminster, CA, 10/04/19—] At Goose Gear we have a mission to continually bring new and exciting things to the Overland Industry.

 This year has been no exception! First with the introduction of the German-engineered Fiftyten Camper Systems to the US Market in early 2019. Then with the installation of the Fiftyten full-size system onto our own F350 Diesel Super Duty. We feel we are reaching the proper balance of compact and capable overland rigs with the amenities found in much larger and heavier systems on the market.

Now, we have taken a 2019 Jeep Gladiator, arguably, the most capable off-road pickup ever made in the US and combined it with what we feel is the best camper system, the Fiftyten. By combining the incredible off-road prowess of the Jeep namesake and adding the Fiftyten system we will have a rig that will not only conquer most trails with ease, but it will also do it in complete comfort.

The Fiftyten Camper System is incredibly rugged, lightweight, and when compared to other offerings it has storage and accessibility features not previously available in the US market. Featuring an all-aluminum and composite panel construction, the Fiftyten is light and can take a beating, much like the beatings we would expect from a very capable trail rig such as a Jeep Gladiator.

Come see the Fiftyten – Gladiator in person at Overland Expo East, October 11-13 2019 at Infinity Downs in Virginia at Booth C36.


Goose Gear's corporate DNA in California goes back to 1952. What began in 1952 in Huntington Beach, California as Pazzulla Plastics has morphed into Goose Gear. This is a three-generation family owned business with over 60 years of know-how in the laminate manufacturing industry. We have taken the knowledge acquired over three generations and applied it to crafting cabinets specifically designed for off-road trucks, SUVs and campers of all kinds.  Made on state-of-the-art CNC machinery, Goose Gear cabinets are capable of meeting the needs of the most exacting of local or world-traveling, off-road adventurists.  Goose Gear made in California.


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