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Toyota Land Cruiser 2008-2021 200 Series - Rear Plate System


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Toyota Land Cruiser 2008-2021 200 Series - Rear Plate System


With the Goose Gear Land Cruiser Plate Systems you can now easily install and remove Goose Gear Modules with simple hand tools. This system requires the removal of the rear factory slide and carpet kit. Does not require cutting or drilling of any part of the vehicle. Once the plate is installed you now have a clean and flat surface perfect for mounting Goose Gear Modules or your own storage system and accessories.

Plate systems are designed to accommodate all Goose Gear Modules and include all required anchors pre-installed into the plate to secure the modules.

    Includes fasteners to secure plate system to vehicle using existing threaded inserts within vehicle body.

    Extremely light weight for its strength, the weight of the plate runs around 47 pounds.

    Special Notes for the Heritage Edition LC 200 - The Heritage Edition does not come standard with a third row seat and therefore does not have the large anchor points we typically use to install the plate system. The Heritage Edition only comes with the 4 factory tie downs that use the 6mm bolt. Our plate will come with this hardware as well as the standard hardware which can simply be saved for another use or discarded if not needed.



    Legacy SKU:PLC200-v2


    Quality products with super attention to detail, premium kits for the overlanding adventure enthusiast

    Mark Bruce

    Goose Gear manufactures an unparalleled product, and is willing to go above and beyond for the customer. Really impressed with the build quality, and stoked to continue to outfit our builds with their product.

    Graeme MacPherson

    Like all of their products, it's vehicle specific and built by hand in Southern California, so the fit and finish is perfect with no adaptor plates, squeaks, or rattles.

    Chris Cordes

      Built to provide more time enjoying your adventure and less time setting up camp.


      Designed and manufactured in the USA. 80% of parts are sourced within North America.


      Built to last, whether you're a full-time global overlander or a weekend warrior.