Chevy Colorado Second Row Seat Delete Installation Instructions

Installation Guide for Chevy Colorado Seat Delete Platforms

The Goose Gear Chevy Colorado Seat Deletes each mount to the vehicle using the factory bolt locations that exist in the rear deck section of the vehicle that are empty after removing the corresponding seat. All carpet on the floor may remain. The factory jack, wheel chocks must be removed for installation.


  • Socket Wrench
  • M8 Socket
  • M18 Socket
  • M18 Open End Wrench
  • 5/32” or 4mm Allen Wrench or Hex Key Driver


40% Seat Delete for Driver’s Side


Includes, 40% Delete Plate, Rear Support Panel, Front Support Panel and Installation Hardware.

60% Seat Delete for Driver’s Side

Includes, 60% Delete Plate, Center Divider Panel, Door Infill Panel, Front Infill Panel and Installation Hardware.

Installation hardware for either 40% or 60% seat delete includes:

M5-.08x20mm Bolts - 2 for 40% and 3 for 60%

Installation Instructions

1. Disconnect center seat belt by depressing the gray button and removing it from the lower latch.

2. Fold seats down to access mounting bolts.

3. Using 18mm socket, remove 3 nuts for 40% side and 4 nuts for 60% side.

Special Note for ZR2 Owners - the ZR2 Leather Seats have an additional bolt securing the 40% to the 60% delete. The torx bolt head is only accessible from the 40% seat side, if you are removing the 60% only you will need to access and remove the bolt from the 40% side.

4. Behind 40% seat, remove factory jack, jack holder, wheel chock and mount from vehicle.

5. Remove factory mounting bolts using 8mm socket from top of plastic divider tray, 2 for 40% and 3 for 60%.

 6. Loosen bolts in tee nuts that are attached to the front and rear supports and slide into the aluminum extrusion channels as shown.

7. Slide support legs onto extrusion channels as shown in the following pictures. Be sure to follow the layout for proper alignment with the vehicle stud mounts.

40% seat delete has one tall support leg towards the front of the vehicle and one short support leg in the rear.

60% seat delete has one tall leg towards the front of the vehicle and two smaller support legs in the rear. Position each of the short rear support legs flush with the end of the extrusion.

8. Loosely install the supplied L Brackets onto the rear support legs of the seat delete as shown. There are 2 brackets per seat delete.

9. Place the plate(s) in the vehicle, take care to position the metal L brackets over the studs protruding out of the floor in the rear of the cab where the factory seats were mounted to the vehicle.

10. Apply some of your body weight to the top of the seat delete and position the L brackets flush onto the body of the vehicle. Then tighten the allen head screw to secure the L bracket into position on the rear support legs.

10. After the L bracket has been tightened to the support legs, tighten nuts onto studs only snug enough to secure the L brackets but loose enough to allow for movement for final adjusting.

11. Secure front seat delete mounts into factory locations on top of the steel support rail in the front of the rear seats using M5-0.8x20mm screws. Use 2 for the 40% and 3 for the 60% deletes. Leave them loose for final adjustment.

12. If you are installing both the 40% and 60% seat deletes, you can add a mending plate to tie the two plates together for a stronger system as shown below.

13. If you are only installing the 40% delete slide the front support leg into the middle of the seat delete.

14. Check alignment of all parts and secure all nuts and bolts.

15. Install hatches.

16. Wipe down with a rag and water and you're all done.