FJ Cruiser Second Row Deletes are now available!

The long anticipated FJ Cruiser second row deletes are now available for purchase.

FJ Cruiser Second Row Seat Deletes

Consisting of a 40% drivers side and a 60% passengers side, you can install one or the other or both for a 100% seat delete. Both versions have two access doors for storage below the seat delete.

100% bolt in with basic hand tools.

The second row deletes require the newer FJ Cruiser Rear Plate system version 2.

FJ Cruiser Rear Plate System

If you already have version 1 please contact us for more information. We do our absolute best to make our plates with the intention of being able to add future products but on the FJ we fell short as the second row required a few changes to the rear plate system to work properly.

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