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A Glimpse into the Future: Venture Series in Dan Grec’s 2021 JL Rubicon EcoDiesel!

The thrill of exploration isn’t just about where you go, but also how you get there. As Dan Grec gears up his 2021 JL Rubicon EcoDiesel for fresh adventures, we’re excited to offer a sneak peek of the innovations on the horizon.

As we approach our 10th anniversary, Dan’s Rubicon reveals the potential of the Venture Series – our patent-pending endeavor that’s still under wraps. It’s not just about crafting new designs but refining the art of vehicle interior craftsmanship.

Dan shares, “This feels like my new luxury apartment on wheels! The Venture Series cabinets showcase meticulous attention to detail. With smoked Bamboo bench tops, an expansive kitchen workspace, and the innovative storage designs, it’s truly transformative.”

Functionality and elegance are at the heart of the design. The bench top, which extends across the driver’s side, combined with the strategic storage cubbies, reflects our commitment to utility without compromising aesthetics. And, in the spirit of sleekness, we’ve opted out of unnecessary fixtures to maintain a minimalist yet functional aesthetic.

More enhancements are on the horizon for Dan’s setup, including a versatile folding table and the addition of plush seat cushions.

This endeavor is bolstered by Dan’s collaborative efforts with partners like AEV, Yokohama, Lightforce, and Renogy. If you’re attending SEMA, be sure to spot this marvel at the Overland Experience lot.

A special nod to Michael Fuchs (@wabi_sabi_overland) who masterfully built the composite box on the Jeep, adding another layer of excellence to this expeditionary masterpiece.


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