Introducing the Goose Gear® Explore Series: A Bold New Chapter in Adventure - Goose Gear

Introducing the Goose Gear® Explore Series: A Bold New Chapter in Adventure

[Huntington Beach, CA, 05/19/23] – Goose Gear, a leading manufacturer of high-quality adventure equipment and vehicle-based storage solutions, is excited to announce the rebranding of its popular M-Series product line to the new and improved Explore Series. The change comes as part of the company's ongoing commitment to innovation, the spirit of adventure, and advanced engineering.

The decision to rebrand the M-Series to the Explore Series reflects Goose Gear's dedication to providing customers with the best possible products for outdoor exploration. By adopting a name that encapsulates the essence of adventure, the Explore Series will inspire and motivate outdoor enthusiasts to embark on unforgettable journeys.

One of the significant upgrades to the Explore Series is the incorporation of Goose Gear's new MaxLite™ proprietary extrusion. This state-of-the-art extrusion profile reduces the total weight of the products by 26%, offering a significant advantage to adventurers seeking lightweight and durable equipment. Made of 6063 Aluminum alloy with T6 tempering, MaxLite™ exceeds industry standards for slotted profiles, boasting incredible strength and high corrosion resistance.

With the launch of the Explore Series, customers can expect the same unrivaled durability, craftsmanship, and functionality that has made Goose Gear a trusted name in the industry. The company will continue to offer its signature range of products, including vehicle drawer systems, sleeping platforms, and camp kitchen solutions, while also unveiling new and innovative additions to the lineup for years to come.

"As our product line evolved, we felt that the name 'M-Series' no longer fully represented the essence of our brand and the adventures our customers embark on. The Explore Series truly embodies our passion for creating the ultimate gear for outdoor enthusiasts, and we can't wait to see where our customers take it," said Brian Fulton Founder/CEO of Goose Gear.

To get your hands on the all-new Explore Series products, visit your local authorized Goose Gear retailer. You can find the closest retailer using the convenient locator map available on our website: Supporting local retailers not only allows customers to see and experience the products firsthand but also contributes to local economies.

For more information on the Explore Series and the full range of Goose Gear products, visit

Goose Gear's corporate DNA in California goes back to the 1950s. What began in 1952 in Huntington Beach, California as Pazzulla Plastics has morphed into Goose Gear. This is a three-generation family owned business with over 60 years of know how in the laminate manufacturing industry. We have taken the knowledge acquired over three generations and applied it to crafting cabinets specifically designed for off-road trucks, SUVs and campers of all kinds. Made on state-of-the-art CNC machinery, Goose Gear cabinets are capable of meeting the needs of the most exacting of local or world-traveling, off-road adventurists. Goose Gear’s mission is to design, build and refine the highest quality camping systems that add to the simplicity and comfort of your outdoor experience. 




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