National Luna 52L "Weekender" Fridge or Freezer, Stainless Steel

The National Luna 52L Fridge or Freezer offers a cavernous multi-level single compartment with 40mm insulation. Ideal as a single-purpose fridge or freezer for small families.

  • Digital Thermostat
  • Turbo Mode (When Surplus Power Available)
  • 3-Levels of Energy Efficiency with Fault-ID & Self-Diagnostic Display
  • Holds 84 Standard 12 oz. Cans (With Basket Removed)
  • High-Strength, Spring Loaded Carry Handles
  • Lid Has Lockable Latch
  • Dual Direction Hinging Lid
  • Dual LED Interior Lights
  • Includes 3 Food-Grade Baskets
Dimensions 28" L x 15" W x 20" H
Volume 14 gallons | 52L
Weight 53 lbs | 24 kg
Material (Exterior) Rigidized 430 Stainless Steel
Material (Interior) Smooth Rounded Aluminum
Insulation 40mm Thick, High Density Foam Injected
Compressor Danfoss BD35F
Power Supply 12 / 24V DC, 100 - 240V AC
Power Consumption (Average Running Current) 12V - 2.50Amps
Power Consumption (Average Power Draw) 1.53 - 2.26 Amps/Hour
Color Silver
Item FRI-10520/NLS286

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