Goose Gear CampKitchen 2.2 for National Luna Weekender up to 52 qt Fridges

Goose Gear CampKitchen 2.2 is extra deep for Naitonal Luna or Engel or ARB fridges up to 50 qt.

The new CampKitchen is designed to house your fridge and your stove in one convenient Module. Featuring a double slide operation, you can open the fridge and/or the stove slide independently or combined.

Dimensions: 19-3/16' wide x 27 1/2" tall x 30" deep

Weight: 83 pounds

This module will support the following refrigerators:

National Luna Weekender 50
National Luna Weekender 52

ARB 37
ARB 50

Engel 35
Engel 47
Engel 40

This module will support the following stoves:

Cook Partner 16
Cook Partner 18
Cook Partner 22

Will also fit stoves up to 22"L x 4"H x 12"W

Visit our Engel Refrigerator Page

May also fit other refrigerators up to 15"w x 25"d x 20"h

Does not include Cook Partner stove or National Luna Fridge.

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