FlexoPower Solar Panel Atacama 40 Kit

Atacama-40 Tactical Solar Kit by Flexopower, 40W

The powerful 40W Atacama solar panel in a plug and play tactical kit makes it is easy and quick to re-charge smaller portable batteries and battery packs. Ideal for vehicle based travel or at home during power outages and emergencies. 

The 33 ft cable set allows to position the panel in the sun or wherever suitable whilst the batteries getting charged. To charge a small lead acid battery the kit includes a quality 14A solar regulator with a remote LCD display providing vital system information.

To charge a portable Lithium battery pack the solar regulator is not needed and the solar panel can directly be connected to the Li battery pack. Important: before connecting the solar panel ensure the Lithium battery can be charged from solar and caters for the electrical specifications of the Atacama-40 solar panel.

  • Plug & play tactical solar kit
  • Small, light weight and compact.
  • Fits into backpack and anywhere in a fully packed vehicle
  • No breakages occur from accidentally walking or driving over the panels. Even when punctured, the panels continues to deliver power
  • Kit includes 33 ft cable set for parking in the shade and panels in the sun
  • 40W typically suitable for tactical equipment such as radios, laptop, satellite phone, modems etc.
  • 2 years manufacturing warranty on solar panels


Flexopower solar energy solutions are the only option when conventional glass solar panels fail. Flexopower works with flexible, glass-free and powerful solar cells. The results are non-reflective, real solutions for real challenges for both mobile and high-risk applications and harsh working conditions.

Application Tactical
Strategy Park In Shade, Panel In Sun
Content - 1 X 40 Watt Solar Panels Foldable
- 33 ft Cable Set
- Solar Regulator With LCD Display and Connectors
- Anderson Grey Connectors
Rated Output, STC 40 Watt
Max. Operating Voltage 19.2 V
Operating Current 2.1 A
Dimension Folded 6 x 16 x 1.6 in
Dimension Deployed 37 x 31 x 0.04 in
Weight 6.2 lbs

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