FlexoPower Solar Panel Atacama 158 Kit

Atacama-158 Camping Solar Kit by Flexopower, 158W

A state-of-the-art solar camping kit suitable to sustain medium to longer periods in the same camp

This solar camping kit comes with two powerful 79W Atacama solar panels in a plug and play configuration delivering 158W total output. Spend several days or week+ in the same camp as a self sufficient solar powered camper or overlander. All items are included to keep the deep cycle battery charged powering your DC fridge/freezer, LED lights or any load you power from the auxiliary battery.

The 33 ft cable set allows to park in the shade, while the solar panels are anywhere in the sun, either flat on the ground, over the vehicle, tent or trailer. No power loss will occur from accidentally walking, driving or even shooting the Atacama solar panels.

The complete kit fits into a laptop sized bag, convenient to transport in a packed vehicle or trailer.

  • All in one plug & play camping solar kit
  • Solar panel fold up to phone book size
  • Fits easily in a fully packed vehicle
  • User friendly, light weight and powerful
  • No breakages occur from accidentally walking or driving over the panels. Even when punctured, the panels continues to deliver power
  • Low light and overcast tolerant
  • Kit includes 33 ft cable set for parking in the shade and panels in the sun
  • 158W typically suitable for medium stays in the same camp with moderate load
  • 2 years manufacturing warranty on solar panels


Flexopower solar energy solutions are the only option when conventional glass solar panels fail. Flexopower works with flexible, glass-free and powerful solar cells. The results are non-reflective, real solutions for real challenges for both mobile and high-risk applications and harsh working conditions.

Application 1 Week In Camp
Strategy Park In Shade, Panel In Sun

- 2 X 79 Watt Solar Panels Foldable
- 33 ft Cable Set with Connectors
- Quality German Solar Regulator

- LCD Display providing Vital System Information

- Carry Bag
- Anderson Grey Connectors

Rated Output, STC 158 Watt
Max. Operating Voltage 19.2 V
Operating Current 8.2 A
Dimension Folded (11 x 16 x 1.6) X 2 in

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