FJ Cruiser Plate System


$ 495
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With the FJ Cruiser plate system you can now easily install and remove Goose Gear Modules with simple hand tools. This system requires the removal of the rear factory slide and carpet kit. Does not require cutting or drilling of any part of the vehicle. Once the plate is installed you now have a clean and flat surface perfect for mounting Goose Gear Modules or your own storage system and accessories. Extremely light weight for its strength, the weight of the plate is less than 32 pounds.

Due to the length of the FJ Cruiser, double drawer modules in 25" depth and side x side modules at 28" depth are the deepest that will fit onto the rear plate system.

If you install a tall cabinet, such as a double drawer cabinet at 22" height, IceBox or CampKitchen on the passenger side it must be installed into the inboard hole pattern which will only leave 19-3/16" available space next to that item. See the image below for more information and feel free to call for more details. Notice that our customer utilized the 3" space to the right of the CampKitchen to store his folding table. The double drawer to the left is a 19-3/16" wide version.

Fits '07 - '14 Toyota FJ Cruiser models

Includes fasteners to secure plate system to vehicle using existing threaded inserts within vehicle body.

If you are planning to use a CampKitchen or an IceBox you will need to buy the following models.

CampKitchen 2.3  

IceBox IB192225 

IceBox with Top Drawer IBTD192725

All of the above listed units will only work with the Engel 45 or the Snomaster 42 in the FJ Cruiser due to the short distance between the rear seat and the tailgate.

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