Blue Ridge Overland Gear Small Recovery Bag

"Oh crap, I'm Stuck" Small Recovery Bag
Sometimes you make bad decisions. Sometimes these bad decisions leave you in spots deep in the woods — half in a trench, half out — swearing like a sailor. If you're like me, and you know you sometimes make bad decisions, you prepare for such eventualities with a winch. But a winch by itself isn't good enough (especially if she's also yelling at you about being stuck, cue rimshot). No — you need a quality, American-made tow rope and metal clevice to wrap around a tree. Something reliable to get you out of your bad decision — that's where this bag comes in. Ropes are dirty, and so are metal clevices. They're also difficult to store neatly. Bada-bing. bada-boom! We have a tow rope and clevice bag for all your bad decision making needs. Our bag has a brass grommet in the bottom to enable airflow and drainage. This is especially important so that when you get around to using your tow rope, it doesn't smell like Lucifer himself used your bag for roadkill storage.

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