Blue Ridge Overland Gear Hook and Loop First Aid Kit

IFAK First Aid Kit Pouch- gen2 Hook and Loop

We've all been in a crowd and heard that public service announcement from your buddy — the one who’s had one too many Budweisers for the evening: "SOMEBODY HOLD MY DRINK! HEY YA’LL, WATCH THIS!" Is it just you, or does he get louder with every empty can he crushes on his forehead? You don't know what's about to happen. But you recall with a chuckle the time he tried to pull off that trick with a click lighter and singed his eyebrows off.

You sit back, ready for the show. See, the thing is, you have the IFAK First Aid Kit Pouch- gen2 Hook and Loop in your Jeep. You have neatly organized bandages, burn creams, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic creams, and butterfly closures — easily accessible and ready to go for all life's little emergencies.

Oh. Yep, he's going for the lighter! You make a mental note to restock your first aid kit after tonight.
Reach your max organization potential. You'll feel better knowing you are prepared for whatever comes. This bag is tough and functional!

  • Mounts on back of our headrest panel, or the loop on our MOLLE panel
  • Keeps first aid supplies close and portable
  • Built like a file so you can easily organize your gear
  • Red handle makes it easily visible and easy to find
  • Dimensions: 8 in. x 6 in. x 3 in.
  • Clear front makes finding that specific item quick and easy
  • Detaching panel for portability
  • Clam shell design keeps everything easily accessible
  • Small pouches can be added for easy transport on a day hike

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