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4Runner 5th Gen Drawer Based Sleeping Platforms for 3rd Row Seat Deletes 2010-Current Model Years

SKU: PT4R-5-3rd-SUVSL40-8

$ 419
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This product version is for Toyota 4Runner models with the 3rd row seat delete option only. Images shown are from a non third row model and will be updated once we have completed the first installation. The plates are reversed in the 3rd row models, meaning the 60% is on the Driver's side and the 40% is on the Passenger's side.

With the 4Runner STANDARD PROFILE sleeping platform you can now set up your rig for stealth camping and get comfortable. With the standard profile version you can leave the second row seat backs in place and simply fold them forward, but the seat bottoms must be removed for installation. The good news is that the lower seat section is held in with only two easy access bolts per side. If you remove the seat back as well, you will gain a great deal of additional storage as well as saving weight in your rig.

There are two models and three height options. The first is the Drivers side platform and covers the 60% side of the rear seat. The second is the passengers side platform and covers the 40% side of the rear seat. An access door from the top as well as side access when the passenger doors are open makes for an incredible amount of storage in the center of your vehicle and at the lowest point which is great for vehicle stability.

***The STANDARD PROFILE sleeping platforms for the 5th Gen 4Runner require the Goose Gear Plate and Goose Gear SUV drawer modules in 8", 10" or 12" heights to attach and are not included in this pricing. Does not require cutting or drilling of any part of the vehicle.***

Overall length is 76", our taller clients push the front seats forward and stuff bags or pillows behind the seats to extend the sleeping area.

40% and 60% Sleeping Platforms are designed for 2010-current Toyota 4Runner for the non 3rd row delete option please click here 

The 4Runner sleeping platforms require the rear 3rd row delete 4Runner plate system and a drawer module in 8" - 10" or 12" height with the 8" and 10" being the most popular. 3rd row delete plate system can be found here 

40% Delete Weighs 18.0 to 19.8 Pounds

60% Delete Weighs 25.0 to 26.1 Pounds

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