Goose Gear is your local source for overland and off road vehicle wiring.

Let Goose Gear wire your overland or off road rig the right way. Our in house wiring guru, Mitch, is an ASE certified Emergency Vehicle Technician with 7 years experience wiring vehicles of all types for various government agencies. From under cover surveillance vehicles to fire trucks, police cars etc. His vast experience coupled with industry standards will get you a wiring system that will withstand the serious abuse you will put it through.

Goose Gear IceBox with sPod and National Luna Power Pack 

We use wire that is made in America and is the same high quality product used in government emergency vehicle systems. Our connectors, loom, heat shrink, nuts and bolts are all made in America as well for superior long life performance and reliability.

From dual battery systems with National Luna products to solar panel systems from FlexoPower to LED lighting from Baja Designs and Rigid Industries, we have the gear you need for extended off road travel and exploration.

Another great addition to any overland rig is refrigeration. From ARB to Engel and National Luna refrigerators we have you covered.