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Tacoma Access Cab 2nd Row Seat Delete for 2nd Generation WITH FACTORY SEATS


$ 395
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Toyota Tacoma second row seat delete for Access Cab trucks.

The second row seat delete system is designed to create a flat platform that you can use to secure your gear, for the dogs bed and can also be used to store your refrigerator of cooler.

Currently available only for Access Cab models that have the factory rear seat option.

Images shown include both the drivers and passengers side delete platforms.

The rear seat deletes do not impact the functionality of the front seats. Drivers and Passengers front seats can be moved into the full back position. 

Currently available for 2nd Gen Tacoma's with rear seats, 3rd Gen with rear seats will be available later this year.

Seat deletes are approximately 20-3/4" front to back and 25-1/2" wide on both drivers and passengers sides.

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