FiftyTen USA

FiftyTen USA Cargo Box & Tire Carrier


$ 4,950
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Now Available for Full Size and Mid Sized Camper Systems - The Fiftyten Cargo box and tire carrier is designed to easily integrate with the Fiftyten tray systems. The cargo box mounts to the front of the tray between the tray and cab of the truck. This keeps the interior space of the camper free and clear while adding storage and tire carrying capability.

Full Size XL
Tire sizes up to 41" x 15" are capable.
Weight is 145 pounds

Full Size
Tire sizes up to 40" x 14.5" are capable.
Weight is 121 pounds

Mid Size
Tires sizes up to 37" x 13.5" are capable.
Weight is 106 pounds

Made in Germany

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