Engel Refrigerators

Engel has long been the gold standard for vehicular refrigeration. With it's limited moving parts and incredibly low power consumption it truly is the one to own.

Head into the outback of Australia or into the bush on safari in Africa and chances are, your adventure rig will have an Engel fridge/freezer on board. Engel was first in the overland market and has long dominated, thanks to efficient performance and rugged dependability.

Key to Engel’s success is its unique compressor system. Completely sealed, spring-mounted and with only one moving part, the Engel compressor is built to provide years of service in the world’s most challenging environments.

You’ll find 10 top-loading models to choose from, including our most popular model, the MT45. In addition to a wide range of models, you’ll also find a full line of accessories all designed to enhance your outdoor experience. With an Engel fridge/freezer, you can expand your menu and dine in style, wherever you roam.