What exactly have we been up to??

Goose Gear has always been a brand that believes in lifestyle, but it is so easy to allow ourselves to get caught up in the crazy things that happen in our lives that pull us away from the things we have passion for. Some are in our control, but many are not, and that is all the more reason we need to be intentional about keeping ourselves plugged in to the things we love. Family, friends, and for many of us…the outdoors! With our core values in the forefront of our business, I want to take a few moments to update you on all of the exciting things going on here at Goose Gear.

It is important to say we look at our customers as our “Goose Gear family” and are trying our best to serve you the most. If it were not for you standing side by side with us, we would not be here to share the fun, the adventure, and the memories of what we all experience out there. Our founder, Brian Fulton is fueled by your passion as he continues to advance existing product, and develop even more to come. We have been building the team here by hiring new employees, organizing our systems, and building and shipping out products more than ever. For you, this means better product and shorter wait times.

We spend a lot of time and commitment to making your experience better. Continuously adding new dealers closer to you, and producing things like new and improved install instructions and videos.

For the first time in the companies history we are working on an organic, in house blog section on our site too. We are focused on more interactive social media feeds, an entertaining podcast, and later this summer an entire relaunch of our YouTube Channel. 

Our love for this industry, our love for what we do, and of course the love for our Goose Gear family drives us to be the best. We want you to enjoy and experience all the great things that are out there. Explore more, adventure more, laugh more, do all the things that drive you to happiness. Our goal is to make your experience less about the details and more about enjoying the moment. 

(photos by Justin Pitcairn)

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