The Goose Gear CampKitchen let's you take your kitchen with you everywhere you go

Camping has quickly become America’s favorite past time.  More and more people are loading up the family and taking to campgrounds and open trails for a much needed break. Camping shouldn’t be work though. Not hard, sweaty work anyway. 

The CampKitchen by Goose Gear is one of serval products in the catalog developed to make your camping experience less about work and more about fun.

Starting from the ground up the CampKitchen is designed for convenience. The double slide provides a stackable solution for your camp stove, utensil drawers, and an ice chest or refrigerator. The CampKitchen surrounds your equipment with an aluminum framed, enclosed module for maximum protection. The module side walls, and rear panel (when applicable) are durable and opened up with molle style cut outs for the breathability of your gear and a place to hang bags or a few smaller items you need to find a home for.

The 2.3 CampKitchen that I use in my Jeep weighs just under 80 pounds, and once the Jeep tailgate is shut provides total security for my cooking gear and refrigerator. The dimensions come in at 19-3/16’ wide x 27 1/2” tall x 25-28”  (there are several refrigerators that will fit this model). 

Goose Gear does offer a few different models of their CampKitchen, so everyone should be able to find one that fits into their lifestyle. To check out the entire CampKitchen line up, check out

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