Less Work, More Camping with Goose Gear

There’s something pretty awesome about spending the day exploring some random mountaintop, finding a place to call it a night, and knowing that all there is to do make some dinner, grab a chair, and share a camp fire with your friends. No 20 minute set up, and even better...no 20 minute break down the next day, just arrive camp, and keep moving. 

Goose Gear sleep platforms, drawer modules, and camp kitchens give you that freedom. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have things in their place, easy to find, easy to grab when you need, and easy to slide right back in place when you’re done with it. Our entire catalog is made for one purpose...to allow you to work less and enjoy nature more. 

Let’s start with the sleep platform. The ability to sleep in your vehicle comfortably is second to none when it comes camping. The platforms are built tough, look great and although is not necessary to use with our other products, is the foundation to the Goose Gear ecosystem. 

A slightly elevated platform also can mean one thing when it comes to convenience...room for a drawer system. Goose Gear has designed custom drawer modules that is perfect for camping gear, recovery tools, or anything else you can think of that fits in the space.  

Of course off to one side of the vehicles cargo area, is where our camp kitchen will serve you well. A pullout refrigerator and camping stove is a great way to have a kitchen that sets up in seconds. Just use it, clean it, and slide it back into the custom cabinet. It’s as easy as that. 

Goose Gear offers many options for a customized build, and supports most of your off-road vehicles with it's full catalog of products. Every product is built to last and above all else...makes camping less work than ever before. 

For a full catalog of Goose Gear products please visit us at www.goose-gear.com

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