Goose Gear Jeep Cubbies: Finally a finished cargo area with storage!

Jeep owners know that the area around the wheels inside our Jeeps are a big loss when it comes to space. The wheel and tire have to be there of course, so Goose Gear has come up with an idea to finish that area out for a clean looking, usable storage. Built from the best materials, and finished off with the most durable material possible, the Goose Gear Side Cubbies are a must have for your Jeep. 


The flat top surface is actually a practical feature. it makes it easier to pack things up, and gives a nice surface to sit things on, especially while camping. The cubby door hatch lifts out with ease, and allows for smaller storage. having that access also makes it easy to install USB ports, a way to plug your refrigerator in, or maybe even some controls for interior lighting. 

The Jeep Cubby System works best with the Goose Gear Platform System, and finishes off your cargo area perfectly. It looks great, it's built to last a lifetime, and it doesn't matter if you have a JK or JKU there are Cubbies for you! Click the link below to see more.

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