Goose Gear Equipped: Camping Isn't for Work

Just a few years ago there were on average 40.5 million people camping per year. Fast forward to today and that average has grown tremendously. A big part of that growth...people find that getting outdoors makes them happy. Those of us that love to unplug from our day in and day routines and plug into some quality time with our friends and family outdoors more can attest to that, right?

Let’s not make getting away for a couple days so much work though. Nothing worse than coming home from a trip and needing a vacation to recoup from your vacation. We know that there’s plenty to do when planning for a trip, so we’ve also come up with a few solutions that make your time outdoors more about enjoying nature and less about work. 

Goose Gears starts with our plate system. This plate allows you to pack up in an organized, efficient way, so you’re not digging around your vehicle for every little thing you need. With anchor points designed right in the plate, you can easily install our drawer modules, camp kitchen, or simply add our anchors for even more organization, as you tie down everything snug and in place. 

From there we extend our product line to the industry’s best designed and manufactured Seat Delete System. Remove one, or both of your factory rear seats and replace them with a clean platform that offers plenty of storage, and even gives you a place to throw down an air pad, and sleeping bag to crash for the night out of the elements and inside your vehicle. You may never have to sleep on the ground again. 

The Goose Gear line up continues from there. many products committed to making your life outdoors as care free, and fun as possible. We want to help take the worry out of being prepared by giving you everything you need for organized, effortless camping. Our goal is to help you to find the same life changing enjoyment outdoors as we have found, and a big part of that is creating solutions for you to set up and camp with ease. 

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